In no particular order, the following interesting things have happened to Bre during her lifetime:

  • Served Jonathan Taylor Thomas a drink in a bar. If you were born after 1990, substitute JTT for one of the Jonas Brothers and the story works the same. 

  • Ruined an attempted carjacking. Not her attempt, someone else’s. She misses Los Angeles often. 

  • Once rode a bike with no hands. Both the bike and Bre used no hands. Impressive, right? 


Although her life is much more subdued nowadays, she is still happy to mix drinks for any of the teen heartthrobs she grew up with. Feel free to reach out via email, ya’ll. 


You can find Bre in her hometown of Tulsa, OK acting as a free family ride share service, sweating her face off at soccer games, pretending corporate America doesn’t exist, and trying to convince her husband to take more (read: any) vacations. Bre loves new experiences: food, books, nerdy shit, drinks, travel, conversation—all of it! However, Bre does not care for assholes or cereal. Do not try to challenge the latter, you will not win that argument. 


Bre is a member of the Independent Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors.

Visit their website to learn more and maybe find some cool new-to-you indie authors to read! 

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There's this cool local writing group Bre helped start.

If you're in Oklahoma, you should definitely see what they're about. 

One time Bre wrote a short story about a villain doing some real estate shopping.

It got her this nifty 2nd place badge. You can find out more about Oklahoma Writers' Federation here.

Bre is also one third of a popular fiction editing team at Three Point Author Services. Over the last few years, she's had the amazing opportunity to help so many awesome humans bring their books into the world and looks forward to continuing! 

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Wanna talk about other stuff?

Bre would love that as long as she can stop using 3rd person.

Email her or find her on her extremely impressive (lol) social media channels.